Distinguished is a VR WW2 demo/prototype-ish game type thing that I made for fun. It is not finished but it is to the point I feel comfortable showing some of the work.
Here is a link for the latest download through Itch.io, https://randy8560.itch.io/distinguished

You are a Mortar Operator in the 101st Airborne stationed on the outskirts of Bastogne during the German counter offensive.
Provide support to the front line troops as quick as possible. Dial in your coordinates and fire!
This is the most finished of the two current levels but is still a work in progress.

Currently in development
Play as a British B-17 Waist Gunner over the fields of Holland on a special mission. Fend off waves of Messerschmidt’s as you operate both M2HB .50 cal waist guns.
This level is still in very early development. You can see some of the early progress below.